Monday, November 1, 2010

Student Teaching-- Week 10

WOW! has it already been 10 weeks?? it has flown by so fast! This week in kindergarten i began teaching Math. it went really well and I was pleased with the results of my lessons. I'm starting to get the hang of this kindergarten thing but i'm still not sure if it's the right fit for me. I have told myself for the past two weeks "i will learn what i love, or learn what i don't love; either way, i will learn something." I was sick wednesday with a stomache bug, but back at school thursday. Friday was Spook Parade and the day was crazy after that. The holidays sure do get those kids excited! A lot happened during this week and i'm learning quickly what i can handle (which is more than i thought i could). I'm hanging in there though, and I hope i'm doing a good job.

Graduation is in 7 weeks and there's 25 days left of student teaching... (but who's counting, right?) I have been having a blast and i can't wait to get my own classroom!